“quality, design, innovation”

We are designing our apparel to be your choice not just in clothing but also to fit in with your life style. To meet your expectations for both sports and leisure.

The decision was taken to design not just the apparel but also the fabric to keep our products at the cutting edge, and to help you decide once you have all the information how you want to proceed.

Once we had the fabric organized, we moved to the next step and took the decision to manufacture all our apparel in our own purpose build factory to ensure our quality meets your expectations, no outside manufacturing is used to ensure quality and continuity in the production cycle.

“customer Satisfaction”

FTS® Customers Keep Coming Back, This Is For Three Reason, Quality, Design, Value:

Buy Our Finest Quality Product and You Will Have The Reason To Buy Again From Us.

We Intend To Spoil You With Our Offerings.

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