FTS management with 30 years’ experience simply know all about Yarn, Polyester Nylon, cotton, all types of different blends of fabrics and yarn.

Breathable Softness Antibacterial Wicking Moisture:

Treating the fabric means that the fabric has been treated during the dying and washing process. A lot of companies who are not engaged in manufacturing often quote different standards and qualities and trademarks belonging different companies to embellish the description of their garments, we chose the yearn, manage the knitting or weaving and make sure that only the best dyestuff is used in the finishing process.


Apparel constructed using Yarn and fabrics chosen by our production team to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.


Quality Design innovation:

Using sophisticated designs with all necessary 21st century advances built in to give maximum comfort and ease of use of our products.

To maintain quality we manufacture all our apparel in our specially designed facility, no outside production facilities are used, this is to enable us to control all stages of the manufacturing cycle and ensure our quality

Our management have worked together for many years and have the necessary experience required to make sure our products reach the highest standards


Due to the fact that all production is manufactured inhouse we are in a position to add extra features to our garments, while still striving for the classic under stated look and at the same time keeping cost under control

Customers satisfaction:

FTS customers keep coming back, this is for three reason, Quality, Design, Value, buy one of our products and you are get all three.

We intend to spoil you with our offerings.