For a refund, the products must include all the accessories unused in their original packing. Plus, they should be in re-sellable conditions. After full inspection from our Returns Department, if the returned products meet the criteria of the company, you’ll receive the refunded amount. The refunded amount will not include the delivery cost.

If the received goods are not in re-sellable condition or violate any terms & conditions, we are sorry to tell you that our company will not accept them. Such products will be returned to you & you’ll be responsible for paying the delivery charges.

We offer a 7-days refund policy which means that if you receive any faulty or wrong product you can claim a refund within 3 days from the date of receiving your item. To become eligible for the refund, contact our customer support services at If the company accepts your claim, you’ll be instructed on how to proceed & where to send your products.

When you return an item, your refund amount and refund method may vary. You can check the payment method that was refunded and the status of your refund in Your Orders.

How Refunds Are Issued?

When returning an item, you can choose your preferred refund method in the Returns Center.

If you’re receiving a refund after we have received your item, it may take an additional three to five business days to process your return fully and issue your refund.

Once we issue your refund, it may take additional time for your funds to be made available in your account by your financial institution. See the following table for more details.

Note: Refund timing to a prepaid card depends on the issuer of the card. The refund can take up to 30 days to process based on the policy of the issuer. If you no longer have the physical card, the card is still stored within your account. It can be used toward future purchases on the account it’s stored in.